There are various SEO Companies in Australia. They are contacted by clients who are looking for a good ranking on search engines. Based on the phases of the lifecycle of the project; there are different deliverables that are either explicitly or implicitly mentioned.

What Are the Phases That Seo Companies in Australia Go Through

During each phase, these companies perform various kinds of tasks that are needed. During these phases, they not only help with functional guidance but they also help with using of various tools as well as SEO systems and more. They also ensure that the customer’s requirements are met and that the solutions provided are individualized.

Primary Stage

During the primary stage, these companies first deal with a complete review and taking stock of the site. It is a review of the business as well as the website of the client. They check on the various components of the site as well. This not only includes what is seen on the site but also the age of the domain, the amount of time that it took for the site to be listed by Google, the back-links, the connections, the reputation of the site among the online community and the visibility of the site as well. During this period the content is sorted and the quality is evaluated.

Second stage

The second stage consists of checking the current techniques utilized for SEO. During this stage, the keyword content is assessed. The quality, as well as the importance of the keywords, is evaluated. The best way of optimization so that they can give the site a better visibility and positioning is evaluated.

They also check the site’s performance as compared to the competitor sites. Thus a detailed research of the competitors is also done. They check on the importance of the keywords used and the value in either retaining or replacing these keywords with others so as to draw the right target audience to the site and use the phrases that are most commonly searched.

Third stage

During the next stage, the SEO procedure is then proposed to the customer. This could be based on the content of the site, the structure or the use of more viable or more current devices for SEO. These are necessary for more visibility as well as traffic. It is during this time that the networking efforts need to be utilized to the best capacity. The kind of traffic that is driven to the site is analyzed. They also study the ways as well as means to draw the right target audience to the site and keep out those that are of no use.

Final stage

The final stage is maintaining the site so that the customer is always refreshed regarding the execution through weekly as well as monthly reports. During this time the SEO Company needs to prove to their client that they are delivering the outcome that they had promised to their client.

This is how the SEO companies in Australia found at, as well as the rest of the world, operate and are successful not only for themselves but for their clients as well.


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