Backlinks remain an important factor with search engines in determining the ranking of your website. However, search engines have grown smarter and now use the quality of backlinks as a factor instead of the sheer quantity of backlinks. Here are several ways to improve your backlink profile and thus your website’s search engine optimization.

The Future of Backlinks

Put Backlinks on High Authority Domains

Your ideal backlink is a link on a higher authority domain. One legitimate way to generate high authority backlinks is to ensure that your website is referenced in every news article about your company, whether hiring events, business leader interviews or charitable donations. If you’ve done interviews in the past, ask if the website administrator will add a link back to your website. Don’t forget to put a link to your business on your Wikipedia page.

Crosslink your business website with your corporate social media profiles. The links that you want to be selected most need to be at the top of this list. Don’t forget to put links to your business’ homepage and social media profiles on your YouTube marketing videos.

Place Backlinks on Sites that Generate Steady Traffic

Local search engine optimization can be improved by ensuring that your business has a consistent name, address and phone number (NAP) format across many different business directories. However, it is amazing how many businesses neglect to put their business website on that same page though it is nearly guaranteed to generate traffic to your website.

Seek Social Media Sharing

We’ve already addressed putting links to your homepage and other social media profiles on each official social media profile. It is also necessary to seek out social media sharing to generate the organic link sharing that search engines see as a signal that your content is good. You can do this by sharing your content with followers with a clear call to action to like and share the content. Likes vote up and so forth are a minor plus compared to a link being shared, but asking them to vote it up first puts them right in front of the button to share, as well. A classic tactic is to ask people to like, share and subscribe.

Social media subscriptions or the deliberate following of your brand on a social media site give your brand extra weight with search engines, particularly Google. Google owns YouTube, and on that hybrid video platform / social media site, the number of subscribers and views together help determine your level of customer service and search engine ranking of your videos.

Another tactic is asking your employees to share content about the company via their personal social media profiles. This can generate a wave of social media shares that search engines see as a vote of confidence in your content.

Clean Up Your Existing Backlinks

Go to to help you stay organized, and get a good look at your backlink profile. Identify the links that are now considered to be on low authority domains and delete them. This may require deleting links in articles posted on article directories years ago when quantity mattered more. You must stop creating comment spam, and where possible, delete the comment spam with links to your site.


Seek high authority domain backlinks, and don’t neglect to ask for links to be added to high authority domains that already reference your business. Use the NAP+W format on business directories to generate a steady stream of traffic to your site. Ask for social media sharing by your audience, and you can start with your team members. Review your existing backlink profile for poor quality links to be removed.


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