When it comes time to acquire heavy-duty machinery for an upcoming project or undertaking, today’s drilling experts, construction specialists, contractors, and other industrial professionals are usually caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of how to source the necessary equipment.
This brief article will explain why it’s in your best interests to partner with a reputable equipment handler as opposed to buying your most integral apparatus.
The Downsides of Purchasing Your Machinery
Irrespective of whether you’re trying to obtain a hydraulic crank, mooring system, cable drum trailer, or wire rope hoist, there are numerous disadvantages to spending your working capital on an outright purchase:
• Exorbitant down payments
• Long-term financing requirements and credit checks
• Costly overhead expenditures including engine upkeep, module replacements, inspection fees, mechanical repairs, part upgrades, and other year-round outlays
• Transportation fees to convey the equipment from sitetosite
• Storage and warehousing costs
• Depreciation schedules and usage-based devaluation
• Operator fees and risk assessment expenses
Even if you decide to finance a used machine to mitigate the upfront costs, these unremitting payments and charges will continue to weigh down on your bottom line and significantly reduce your financial flexibility.
The Advantages of Renting
If you decide to establish a tight-knit relationship with a renowned equipment-for-hire firm, on the other hand, you’ll gain a valuable partner that can provide a vast array of heavy-duty provisions and simultaneously help you decrease your operating budget:
• Tailored rental agreements with no up-front down payments, lending arrangements, financing fees, or credit checks
• Wide range of machinery available on a year-round basis, including cranes, winches, hoists, monorail systems, pulleys, elevators, rack and pinion drives, cable drum trailers, hydraulic apparatuses, mooring systems, rigging equipment, and countless alternative solutions
• Comprehensive site visits to conduct risk assessments, mechanical evaluations, project-specific planning, and other integral tasks
• Inclusive installation assistance for a multitude of specialised industries including oil and gas, drilling, construction, engineering, and even the marine sector
• Pre-scheduled delivery and pickup to help you avoid storage and conveyance concerns
• On-demand servicing to account for any necessary repairs, replacements, augmentations, or upkeep throughout the duration of your agreement
• Professional on-site training to ensure that your operators can efficiently utilise the technology in question
• Optional purchase agreements to ensure a budget-friendly acquisition for both new and used implements
As you can see by now, these equipment-for-hire organisations represent a versatile, cost-effective resource for all of your industrial needs, which is why so many companies and contractors are beginning to work with these practical suppliers in today’s day and age.
Simply by reaching out to a trustworthy equipment handler, you’ll be able to establish a tailored rental agreement based on your task-specific requirements and rest easy knowing that a time-tested team of technicians will be providing ongoing support from start to finish.


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