First, let us understand what is cell phone tracking. Cell phone or mobile phone tracking is establishing the location or position of a cell phone which might be moving or immobile. To know the exact position of the cell phone it has to be done by two ways; multilateration of the radio signals of the network’s towers of the targeted cell phone with the cell phone or simply with the help of GPS in the cell phone.

Need a Cell Phone Tracker? Mspy Is the Answer

Now, cell phone tracker is a software developed to help you track the exact position of the cell phone under surveillance. If you are looking for a software that has the highest efficiency in tracking phone and is reliable as well then look no further than the mSpy app. This app has all the necessary features of a cell phone tracker and then some. For more information click on the link

There can be 2 needs for which the tracking phone software can be used:

  • When you are trying to track your lost or stolen phone
  • When you want to keep surveillance on the user of a particular cell phone.
  • So let us now see how to track a cell phone which is lost or stolen:

The lost or stolen device can be of two types:

  • Android
  • iPhone

Let us first see how to track a cell phone that is android:

  1. Access the Google play store to download the Android Device Manager on an android phone other than the lost one. This downloaded app is enabled to not only track the stolen or lost phone but to remotely lock or erase all the data on it.
  2. Using the Android Device Manager log into the Google account using the credentials of the lost or stolen phone after which the device will be located and its last seen will be displayed on a map.
  3. Other than this you can make the lost or stolen cell phone ring at its loudest volume or also remotely lock it to prevent unauthorized access.

Now let us see how to track a cell phone that is an iPhone:

  1. Using the Apple ID of the lost phone you will have to log into the iCloud website. By default, the tracking location feature is turned on in every iPhone with the help of which it will not take you long to locate your iPhone. You can trace its location on the map with the help of the web browser or your iPad.
  2. If the location of the lost device is somewhere near you can use the play sound option to immediately locate it. if not you can use the lost mode which is enabled to remotely lock your phone and displays a number on it which can be reached by the finder of the lost phone.
  3. After this, you can use the erase iPhone option to erase all the important data on the device so that it does not fall in the hands of the wrong person.

Now we will see ways to track the cell phone of the user you want to keep an eye on:

  1. As we said earlier, mSpy is the best cell phone tracker app and hence you can download this app in the target device which you want to track.
  2. You will need physical access to the device for a few minutes until the installation completes.
  3. After successful installation cell phone tracking begins immediately and all the recorded logs are uploaded to your online account.


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