SEO has been undergoing a series of changes since it became mainstream. Truth be told, it is influencing the way that web users engage with content from various brands. Search engines, especially Google keeps rolling out updates of its algorithm so as to render black-hat SEO tactics useless.

How Seo Has Changed Over the Years


It goes without saying that business owners need to adopt the current best practices if they want to survive in this highly competitive space. Without wasting time, let’s take a look at how the following factors have contributed to the evolution of SEO.

· High-quality content

Delivering high-quality content to target audience remains relevant. It even becomes more engaging when other elements such as images, videos, and infographics are included. Google usually acknowledges sites that offer valuable content consistently and such sites tend to experience more visibility.

On the other hand, sites that contain duplicate content or are filled with spellings, punctuations and grammatical errors won’t rank well. Some of the ways to come up with quality content include building relationships and researching your target audience.

· Mobile

Mobile traffic continues to surpass desktop traffic in recent years. This has influenced the process of designing SEO strategies. Websites that are well optimized for mobile tend to rank well in searches as they load quickly and facilitate easy navigation among other things. Those that fail to take the necessary actions are now penalized by Google.

· Keywords

In the past, site owners often rely on keyword stuffing in order to appear prominently in searches for the specific keyword. Things eventually changed when Google introduced an AI-driven algorithm dubbed “Hummingbird” in 2013. Most internet marketers now engage in keyword research to discover the keyword terms and phrases that are frequently entered during searches. Long-tailed keywords are also effective and less competitive as we speak.

· Link building

SEO specialists and internet marketers used to focus on getting as many links as possible and still get away with the act. However, taking steps like buying backlinks in this era will either attract a ban or a penalty. It has been proven that using quality links boosts traffic and encourages search engine bots to crawl your site. The bottom line is to advantage of links from authoritative and relevant sites by guest posting and other appropriate means.

· Social media

It’s glaring that social media offers business owners an avenue to share their content to a wider audience. Sites can get more traffic as the content is shared on different channels unlike before. More so, it’s a cost-effective and handy tool for developing trust with customers, creating awareness and promoting brands of various sizes.

Successful brands always prioritize SEO and are ever ready to invest in a viable strategy for greater visibility and ROI. In fact, they will go to the extent of contacting a reputable SEO Agency who can handle all their SEO needs. Apart from that, they ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends and will implement the important ones swiftly.


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